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    UFO Sprinkler/Light Bath Toy

    Turn it on, Throw it in, Splash around!!


    Blow - Fun and Safe Sprinkler Bath Toy! 🛁

    Our Sprinkler Bath Toy turns bath time into an exciting adventure for your baby. Watch as it rotates and sprays water columns, keeping your little one entertained and engaged.

    With bright colors and a safe design, our toy captures your baby's attention while ensuring their delicate skin is protected. Plus, it fosters sensory development and makes bath time a breeze for both you and your child.

    Say goodbye to bath time tears! Bring joy and wonder to every bath with our Blow Sprinkler Bath Toy! 🌊🚿

    Package Content:

    1 x bath toy

    If the product does not work, you can replace the battery. The toy energy consumption in aerosol is higher than the normal toy, this is a normal situation, it does not matter.
    If the engine goes, but no water comes out. This is due to the problem of air entering the toy. This problem rarely happens, just press the toy in the water until the air is completely exhausted. This problem will be solved.