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    Snowflake Multitool Fidget Spinner

    Snowflake-Shaped Multifunctional fidget spinner.

    Handy and super useful.

    • Hexagon wrench head: Flathead
    • Surface treatment: Blackening
    • Material: High carbon steel
    • Style: XI-T1 red and silver, XI-T1 blue and silver, XI-T1 silver
    • Product Series: Snow Gyro Wrench
    • Structure: Bearing
    • Process: Die casting + CNC machining
    • Purpose: Practical tool


    • This Upgraded version:  Combines a stress relieving fidget spinner with a multitool that sums  22-in-1 functions useful for every day challenges.
    • Pocket size: For use in pockets, wallets, or other accessories.