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    Snake Pet Toy

     Obesity, depression and other diseases are common with House cats. This is why they need toys...

    Snake Pet Toy is the IDEAL toy for your  cat since it combines exercise and hunting instincts stimulation.


    Smart Sensor that makes the movements super real by detecting obstacles

    Charging via USB - no need for batteries

    Self-sufficient: the snake turns off 1 minute after being turned on and turns on again by tapping its head

    Durable: designed to withstand the heaviest blows

    Individually fitted parts
    The pieces of the toy are fitted together individually, making the toy very articulated and giving a very realistic feeling of a snake. This helps to stimulate cats' curiosity.


    Colors: Coral (single color option)
    Measures: 39 x 4 x 3 cm Material:
    ABS highly resistant and non-toxic plastic and electronic components 
    Battery: Internal battery charging via USB cable