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    Mechanical Party Creative Decoration Spotlight Metal Assembled Toy

    The model is made of high-quality, ultra-precision laser-cut metal
    .The assembly does not need glue, as long as the assembly drawing is followed, it can be assembled into a night light shape by screws
    .A total of 78 photos. The assembly time depends on the individual's actual ability. Amazing details and wonderful DIY experience
    .Let the children assemble this model, which not only exercises their hands-on ability and creativity, but also allows them to enjoy the fun of riding
    .Suitable for people over 14 years old or children who need to play with their parents; the edges of the props are sharp, please do not play with babies to avoid injury
    .Each joint is movable, you can have fun and sense of accomplishment through DIY assembly, use the USB data cable, connect the power switch, warm lighting, better display effect
    .The lamp model is very beautiful. It is a perfect gift, a special gift for friends, family, and children. It can be collected or used as a home decoration

    Product information:

    3C configuration category: other toys under 14 years old
    Material: Stainless steel
    Function: Flash
    Power supply mode: AC power
    Style: Adam finished bag

    Packing list:

    Night light*1
    USB data cable*1
    Phillips sleeve *1