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    Ultimate Keyboard Cleaner

    ✔ ALL IN ONE: Kleen™ can effectively deep clean all your electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, TVs, keyboards, and many more. It comes with a large retractable bristle brush, concealed keycap puller, dense soft brush, recyclable spray bottle, flocking sponge, and a 3-in-1 cleaning brush. It's compact so you can keep one in a drawer, one in the car, or in your bag easily.

    ✔ PROFESSIONAL CLEANING KIT: The material of the large brush is made of ultra-fine nylon fibers. High-density large brushes are specially processed into curved bristles, soft and very flexible. The brush is denser and softer, which can be very effective in protecting electronic devices.

    ✔ KEYCAP PULLER: Designed for efficiency and ease of use, this keycap puller is crafted to help you effortlessly remove keycaps from your beloved keyboard without causing any damage. Safely and efficiently removing keycaps from mechanical keyboards, allowing for easy cleaning, customization, or replacement.

    ✔ 3-IN-1 CLEANING PEN: The 3-in-1 cleaning brush is designed with a plastic tip, a high-density brush, and a flocking sponge. This cleaning pen can be used individually for each function or can be freely assembled. The cleaning pen can work by free combination, which makes it easy to use when cleaning tough dirt hidden between cracks and holes in earphones, smartphones, keyboards, laptops, etc

    ✔ SCREEN CLEANER: Our Screen cleaning wiper comes with a microfiber pad that removes fingerprints and smudges from screens and surfaces. For deep cleaning, simply use it with the included spray bottle. It is also washable and can last for a long period of time.