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    Electronic Massage Cup


    Electronic Massage Cup


    Cupping therapy has been a popular practice for centuries, and its benefits are now made even more accessible with the Electric Vacuum Cupping Device. This innovative device offers a modern twist on traditional cupping, providing numerous advantages over the conventional method.

    Cupping therapy is used to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and promote relaxation. The Electric Vacuum Cupping Device enhances these benefits with its unique features:

    1. Adjustable Intensity

    2. Consistent Suction

    3. Portable and Easy to Use

    4. Time-Saving

    About this item

    • New Electric Cupping Set: Developed according to the traditional cupping technology combined with modern medicine, biology & technology.
    • Fully Automatic Hyperthermia Function: the new type of hyperthermia function, can adjust the temperature, promote blood circulation, and effectively relieve muscle fatigue.
    • 12 Electric Cupping Modes: with 12 electric cupping modes, 12 different suction and temperature, suitable for people of all ages.
    • Portable Set: Unique design, multi-purpose, can be used for 4~8 hours when fully charged, very durable, light and convenient, can be taken with you, can be used anywhere.