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    Best interactive toy to play with your kids or connect with other people!


    How to use it 

    Play with Kids

    Or adults


    🪂 Magic in the Air 

    🪁 Easy to Use

    ⚙️ Safe and Lightweight: Our 360° rotating flying ball is crafted from soft and lightweight materials, making it easy to handle. With a built-in rechargeable battery and USB charging, you get 8-10 minutes of flying excitement after just 25 minutes of charging.

    Fly high with the 360° Rotating Flying Ball - a captivating toy for kids and adults alike! 🌟🚀

    Exciting Flash Toys - Various Options!

    🌈 Choose from different materials and colors:

    • Red Single Ball
    • Pink Single Ball
    • Magic Wand Single
    • Blue Single Ball Plus Magic Wand Set
    • Pink Single Ball Plus Magic Wand Set
    • Red Single Ball Plus Magic Wand Set

    ⚡️ Powered by a built-in 200mAh lithium battery, these flash toys offer endless fun! 🚀

    Size Information:
    Flying ball product size: 95mm*95mm*95mm
    Single ball packaging size: 102mm*102mm*104mm 

    Simple operation, colorful LED lighting effect, resistant to falling and collision, and controllable
    Ball up and down flight has magic and intelligent flight
    With three dazzling and colorful lights, when you launch the  360° rotating flying ball  toy into the air, it looks like a neon meteor.
    Spherical toys are easy to use. Turn on the power button and lift the toy, then shake it to throw it away!
    Throw the toy and place it directly on the bottom of the house. This is your hand with the boomerang. Throw the spinning toy into the air and watch it spin straight towards you. Grab it with one hand, ready to Start the next technique.
    When hovering in place, the toy ball can spin super fast. Place your hand under the ball and track the rotating sphere for as long as possible, as if you were redefining gravity.